Past Events » Practitioners' Platform - Workshop for Practitioners of Renewable Energy in the Region

Practitioners' Platform - Workshop for Practitioners of Renewable Energy in the Region

Start : Feb 23, 2016
End : Feb 26, 2016

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/NRREP

“Practitioners' Platform”

 Workshop for Practitioners of Renewable Energy

Information for interested parties to identify potential participants and customize the agenda as per the needs/interests of participants 


Renewable Energy (RE) has been considered with high importance in many countries of South / East Asia. The promotion RE is challenged by geographical, infrastructural, political, financial and cultural factors, where every country started to develop individual solutions with different levels of success.

Nepal and Bangladesh are among the countries where RE technologies are being disseminated at a faster rate over the last few years.

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) is the central nodal agency in Nepal for the promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) to uplift the quality of life of people especially living in the rural and semi-urban areas of the country.  Solar photo voltaic, Micro/Mini Hydro, Biogas, Biomass/Improved Cook Stoves (ICSs) and to certain extent wind energy technology are the technologies that AEPC has been promoting in targeted areas. Currently AEPC is implementing national programme namely National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) through single program modality approach and is also providing policy inputs to the Government of Nepal (GoN). 

In Bangladesh Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (IDCOL) has its own experience e.g. Vendor Financing Model, Commercialization of Slurry and other means in Biogas Promotion and rapid dissemination of solar technology. For example it has undertaken initiatives to diversify biogas technology. Recently, it has financed 100 fiber glass-based biogas plants on a pilot basis and is planning to scale it up.

Looking at just the two country´s RE sector, it is noteworthy that such methods of resolution and experiences should not be limited within the borders. It may have greater impact in terms of learning from each other regarding elements of successes and reasons for failure in technology/program implementation, influencing policy and research on various aspects. 

German Development Cooperation through the German Development Bank, KfW has indicated to support new avenues for cross border experience and knowledge sharing for renewable energy technologies including mini/micro hydropower and improved cooking stoves but with focus on Biogas and Solar Photovoltaic technologies.


The starting point is, to organize once a year a knowledge sharing event in different thematic area for instance in first year in technology promotion, in second year in financial management/credit/subsidy model in third year implementation modalities etc for working program professionals (Implementation level) and to develop a practitioners' platform as a sustainable instrument for regular knowledge exchange, capacity building and innovation within the region.

It is foreseen to share responsibilities and ownership by changing the hosting country every year, starting with Nepal. This year, the event will be organized by AEPC (logistics, content, venue, etc.), financed by KfW and jointly supported by IDCOL. The following year it would take place in Bangladesh, organized by IDCOL and jointly supported by AEPC. After that an organization of any other participating country can volunteer as host and coordinate activities supported by let's say IDCOl and AEPC.


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