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Waste to Energy Bazaar 2013

Start : Mar 21, 2013
End :

Nepal Renewable Energy – Waste to Energy (W2E) Bazaar 2013 was officially launched on 21st of March 2013. The objective of the Bazaar was to expose and engage the business and development community in productive and inventive partnerships that will offer high potential impact in waste management to energy generation and thus contributing to Nepal’s economic development. 

The campaign with the slogan ‘fohor ma pani chha sambhawana haajar’ (There are thousand possibilities in waste), encourages municipalities, NGOs, enterprises, industries and communities associated with the waste management, renewable energy sector, and different development sectors to send in their ideas and concepts of extracting energy from municipal and community level waste as well as from the waste produced in different industrial and commercial sectors. The organizer of this Bazaar was the Alternative Promotion Centre (AEPC) and the World Bank. With regard to this AEPC had made a call to all the interested to visit and send their ideas at or within 19th April 2013. 

10 project ideas were selected as nominees and were requested to submit further required information that describe a more comprehensive business and implementation plan with photographs and short videos. They showcased these ideas on 26th April at the Nepal Renewable W2E Bazaar. The three best ideas were awarded during the award ceremony and all the successful entries were provided project development facilities as posters of these ideas were displayed during the event.   

Assessment criteria for the final idea selection was based on innovation (new and feasible ideas/approaches to address waste to energy options), partnership (proposed projects contributing towards building partnerships), sustainability (reflection to continue and yield results), replicability (can be replicated in other parts of the country) and impact.

If the possibility of extracting renewable energy from waste products is completed successfully then it serves the environmental and economic issues through proper waste management and energy production, which is very critical in terms of the Nepal's woes on both the front of waste and energy.  This will seek to address the issues of land fill and leaching and the scarcity in the petro products and severe load shedding of the grid. Acknowledging the possibilities of extracting energy from daily waste products and with the promulgation of the new renewable energy subsidy policy, AEPC and World Bank have taken this step to launch the W2E Bazaar.