Productive Energy Uses: 

Productive Energy Uses of RE are those that increase income, productivity, quality and/or quantity of output. 

Micro Enterprises: 

Micro Enterprises/Cottage Industries are enterprises with fixed assets up to NPR 200,000. This type of enterprises is typically managed and run by one or two persons of the family.

Small Enterprises:

Small Enterprises/Industries are industries with fixed assets up to an amount of NPR 30 million

Medium Enterprises: 

Medium Enterprises/Industries industries are industries with fixed assets between NPR 30 and 100 million.

Community Based Enterprises:

  • Any enterprises run and owned by members based organization (cooperatives, forest user group, small farmers group, community based organizations/institutions etc) or other recognized users group having at least 7 members.
  • Common Facility Center (CFC)

LED Committee:

LED committee will be formed at local level in Community Electrification (CE) catchment area. The committee will be a community based legal entity. The committee will comprise of seven to nine members and must include DAG representative in decision-making position

Management Committee:

Institutional/community based Renewable Energy Technologies other than CE projects should have a management committee already in place.

Business Development Services :

Business Development Services (BDS) are services that improve the performance of the enterprise, its access to market, and its ability to compete. BDS includes an array of business services (such as training, consultancy, marketing, information, technology development and transfer business linkage promotion etc), both strategic (medium to long term issues that improve performance) and operational (day-to-day issues).