Overview of Compliance Unit

Government of Nepal(GoN) and Development Partners agreed to introduce single programme modality of the Renewable Energy Sector under AEPC; and NRREP was signed for the period 16th July 2012 - 15th July 2017.  NRREP is a huge and complex programme with many types of renewable technologies supported by many development partners in different models but streamlined in NRREP modality.  The success of NRREP is envisioned only if the programme is smoothly run under approved and agreed norms, rules, regulations, procedures and laws.  Quality assurance of NRREP Financial Management, Planning, Adopted Processes, Implementation and Control Systems is mandatory. Implementation of NRREP activities with zero tolerance level of corruption; maintenance and improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of systems and feedback and follow –up for the corrective measures are essential parts.  On these grounds, GoN and Development Partners agreed to establish a Compliance Unit under NRREP for the regular source of information for Development Partners and Steering Committee.
As the main objective Compliance Unit is to support NRREP in achieving its objective of  improving the living standard, increasing employment and productivity and attain sustainable development for rural women and men in remote and poorest Nepal with clear focus on Gender and Social Inclusion:


Providing the following independent information and evidence to NRREP management and SCM through lead donor.

  • Adherence to GoN and Programme rules and procedures;
  • Nature of motives of people involved in activities; and
  • Degree of efficiency in initiatives, implementations, operations, models, processes and systems


  • establishing, maintaining and promoting efficiency and effectiveness in NRREP activities/systems;
  • Adding value for money and good governance through corrective measures, improved operations, systematic  approach, risk management and controlled processes and systems in NRREP.  
  • continued follow up for corrective measures till final solutions in NRREP systems/processes;
  • communication to the concerned parties of NRREP for the corrections of deficiencies in systems/processes/implementation;
  • capacity building of the parties / agents / staff involved in NRREP activities

So that

‘ the decisions of NRREP management and SCM to maintain a foundation of integrity for everyone who engages in the Renewable Energy Technology by fostering a culture where compliance is a “shared responsibility” and the expectation is accountability for one’s actions within NRREP’  would be supplemented.