Major Outputs


Establishment of the CREF as an independently resourced and managed organisation with the capacity to effectively deliversubsidies and credit financing support to help implement RET deployment at a household and community levels.

Accelerate renewable energy service delivery with better quality, comprising various technologies, to remote rural households, enterprises and communities, to benefit men and women from all social groups, leading to more equitable economic growth. Several RETs will be supported, each with their distinctive characteristics and implementation strategies, and institutional building support will be provided to AEPC and the decentralised structures as well as support to income generating and livelihood activities in catchment areas of community electrification schemes.

Increase in income generation and employment potential for micro, small and medium sized enterprises(MSME)in rural areas, particularly for men and women belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged groups.


Expected Results

The expected major reasults of the NRREP can be summerised as follows:

• Dissemination of RETs has reached the following targets:

  •  Mini and Micro Hydro Power: 25 MW
  •  150,000 households benefitting from community electrification
  •  Solar Home Systems: 600,000 systems
  •  Improved Cooking Stoves: 475,000 stoves
  •  Biogas: 130,000 household systems
  • Improved Water Mills (IWM) : 4,000 Numbers

• 1,300 new MSMEs have been established and employment increased by 19,000 persons.

• AEPC is by stakeholders recognised as an effective and efficient service institution for development of the Renewable Energy sector;