Community Biogas

It is a biogas system which has a specific focus on certain large communities. It is established by a group of individuals or families in which benefits are shared mutually. It aims on promoting the community benefits via a common gas grid system. A community based biogas plant will be installed at a hub of certain community, and the produced gas stored in a gas holder, on the basis of the size of users' community can be supplied to the individual households via a gas grid having gas metering system. Likewise, the produced slurry will also be shared among the community for farming or sold in a market. The produced gas can be a good source for cooking, lighting, generating electricity, running engines, agro-processing, water pumping for irrigation etc. Such creative uses will be a good means of saving money as well as income generation. The slurry likewise, is a better solution for the needs of fertilizer as it is rich in high nutrient containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium etc. Those plants are being developed successfully, in certain communities, villages (VDCs.), wards, agricultural hubs of Nepal.

Upon receiving application letter demanding the construction of those plants from the relevant communities, community based organizations; AEPC manages the further construction works through PQ companies with conduction of detailed pre/feasibility study of demanded plant with more than 12 cum capacity and administers the works on monitoring and quality standards, subsidy disbursement etc. The government of Nepal has subsidized those plants. It provides NRs. 9,000 per cum to the community plants upper than 12 cum capacity for thermal purpose and for electric purpose, it provides NRs. 1, 50, 000 per K.W.