Institutional Biogas

In simple logic, this system of biogas refers to the bio-digester established in public institution like security agencies (army barracks, police posts), education institutions (schools, colleges, and universities), hospitals/health care centers, religious institutions, old-age homes, orphanage, farms etc. Those institutions out of organic waste utilization can generate bio-energy along with water treatment system. And the single institution which installs the plant entertains the benefits, singly. They can use alternative feedstock like sewerage/ night soil, kitchen and vegetable wastes, poultry droppings and other bio-degradable wastes as feeding materials to run this system. Such plants pay a high relief concerning the issues of environment, energy, health and sanitation. AEPC has higher demands of those plants from public and private institutions from all around Nepal to be answered promptly. The government has also made a provision of subsidizing the biogas plants to be built in such institutions by NRs. 11,500 per cubic meter for the biogas plants to be built for thermal use and NRs. 1, 85,000 per kW of installed system for the biogas plants to be installed for electricity generation.