Large Biogas

Plants more than 12 cu m in capacity fall under this category.  It is advancement in Nepal's biogas technology achieved via the long term practices on modified GGC 2047 model and the learning from the international technological practices. The phrasal term 'large biogas system' is a catch-hold (umbrella term) which includes the varieties of plants under its specific categorization:


To know about the demand lists of Large Biogas System (Community, Commercial and Institutional) please go through, as suggested below:


1. Demand lists from Governmental Institutions, click here: 

2. Demand lists from Vegetable Markets, click here:

3. Demand lists from Commercial Farms, click here:

4. Demand lists from different Communities, click here:

5. Demand lists from Co-operatives, click here:

6. Demand lists from Hospitals, click here:

7. Demand lists from Police and Army offices, click here:

8. Demand lists from Private Institutions, click here:

9. Demand lists from Religious Institutions, click here:

10. Demand lists Schools and Colleges, click here:

11. Demand lists from Social Organizations, click here:

12. Demand lists from Prison Offices, click here: