Institutional ICS


Institutional Improved Cooking Stoves are used in hotels, hospitals,hostels, barracks, teashops, restaurants, small scale industries like wool dyeing,daalmoth (snacks) factory etc. IICS can be used for heating water with some modification like joining back-boiler or running metal pipes inside its body. 


BESC with technical assistance from Kathmandu University had finalized three different models of large size IICS which requires different metallic components for reinforcement. Later, the household ICS have also been installed with proper reinforcement at vital parts as well as scaling up the size as per need. These stoves have been widely used in the local teashops of the rural villages. 


A pilot project was also conducted in Malekhu Bazar, one of the busiest local markets on the national highway. This project was specially focused on the installation of the IICS with chimney in the hotels, tea shops located along the Malekhu Bazar area. The project was very successful. 


Furthermore, the recently promoted IICS technology is based on the rocket principle and is comparatively affordable than the previous models due to less reinforcement and space requirements and user’s claim that it saves a lot of money by saving the expensive fuel wood up to 40 to 50%. It is also easy to use and reduces cooking time significantly. These days IICS based on rocket technologies and those up-scaled are more popular. 


So far, AEPC have been able to declare 2 IICS clusters as IAP FREE in Bara and Rautahat districts and few others are ready to be declared.