Metallic ICS


Biomass is the primary fuel of the country. Various types of mud and metallic improved cooking stoves have great scope to replace the traditional cooking stoves that burn fire wood for cooking and heating. Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) has been promoting Metallic Improved Cooking Stoves (MICS) since 2009 under Biomass Energy Support Programme. The main objective of this programme is to address dual purpose of simultaneous Cooking as well as Space heating need of people living in remote high hills of Nepal. The target beneficiary of MICS is very remote places, above 1500m, from sea level. The Dissemination has been carried out through the Pre qualified manufacturer and installer companies with government subsidy. This subsidy is just a quality assurance discount for these beneficiaries that do not cover entire cost. 


The programme has disseminated more than 10,500 MICS with disbursement of subsidy till June 2013 covering high hill region of 39 districts. AEPC has been implementing National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) form July 2013. NRREP has targeted 4,75,000 ICS disseminate in rural area of Nepal, among the target 35,000 is Metallic Improved Cooking stove (MICS).

MICS Models

In the beginning BESP has promoted three pot hole metallic stoves with water tank, developed through technical support from Kathmandu University. This model was targeted for high hills where ICS is needed for cooking and space heating. Especially Water tank is used to tap waste heat from MICS body. Furthermore, other MICS model is identified and modifications on existing model were done with the learning & feedback provided by users, manufactures, installer and other stakeholders.


At the moment AEPC is promoting three models of MICS as following:

  • Three pot hole with water tank
  • Three pot hole with grate & ash tray
  • Two pot hole with grate & ash tray



The Approved Cook Stove List can be downloade via NIBC-2016 Approved Cook Stove List