Strategy Meeting

The Biofuel Promotion Strategy team met on 8 February 2009. Members were asked to prepare elements of overall biofuel promotion strategy for their particular areas of expertise. The team will report on its progress at the next strategy meeting.

Selection of partner organizations

AEPC published its first notice calling for partner organizations to work with it on the Biofuel Programme in Gorkhapatra Daily on 23 January 2009. It received 94 proposals from which 43 were selected to move forward to the next stage. The breakdown of initial proposals was as follows:

Nurseries: 22
Training: 34
Processing Plant: 13
Quality Control: 0
Pilot Project: 12
IEC Materials: 12

Those organizations selected (with the exception of those chosen for the production of IEC materials), were then asked to submit sealed technical and financial proposals. The proposals received were as follows:

Nurseries: 18
Training: 34
Processing Plant: 8
Pilot Project: 8

Of these, only four were selected for nursery projects and three for pilot projects. Due to the low numbers first time around a second notice calling for sealed technical and financial proposals was published on 26 April. Six additional proposals for nursery projects and two additional proposals for pilot projects were selected. A sufficient number of proposals were selected for processing plant and training projects not to necessitate a second round of bidding.

Partner organizations have now signed contracts with AEPC and are preparing their project plans.

Publication of a brochure on jatropha production

The brochure contains basic information about jatropha and its uses, and a brief introduction to biodiesel production from jatropha seed. The brochure was published to coincide with the RET Expo 2009 and has since been updated.

Workshop on setting up a jatropha nursery

Mr. Jagadish Chandra Kuikel ran a workshop in Butwal on 10 April 2009 with the aim of teaching participants how to set up a jatropha nursery. The workshop was attended by representatives from organizations on AEPC’s standing list and other interested parties. Mr. Nawa Raj Dhakal presented on behalf of AEPC.

Training of Trainers in jatropha cultivation techniques

The main purpose of this training was to train trainers who will then cascade their learning to farmers at a regional level. In addition to receiving tips on effective cascade training, participants learnt about mass cultivation methods, setting up jatropha nurseries, and biodiesel production methods. The training was conducted Mr. Devi Dutta Bhatta with support from Dr. Khem Raj Bhattarai and Mr. Jagadish Chandra Kuikel. The training was conducted at AEPC for a total of 54 participants in April 2009.

RET Expo 2009

With the support of Bhairav Darshan Jatropha Energy Promotion Nepal, AEPC ran a successful biofuel stall at the RET Expo 2009. The stall displayed a wide range of materials and samples relating to jatropha and biodiesel and featured demonstrations of a vehicle run on jatropha oil, bioethanol production, and a motorcycle run on pine ethanol. A documentary video was also made of the event.

Other Achievements

  • AEPC supported Bhairab Darshan Sajiwan Urja of Palpa in the demonstration of their jatropha oil vehicle which    made a journey from Palpa to Kathmandu.
  • AEPC supported Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN) in its Biofuel Interaction Program in Dhangadi which included a demonstration of a jatropha oil vehicle.
  • AEPC supported Kathmandu University in running a vehicle on recycled vegetable oil from Kathmandu to Goa.
  • AEPC gave support to Thapathali Engineering Campus in its study of the properties of biofuel.