The Advisory Board
NACC will be governed by an advisory board that is made up of top representatives of government from energy, health, finance and environment sectors, women, children & social welfare; Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries, Academia, as well as international development partners. The board will take decisions on behalf of NACC in all matters based on recommendations of the Leadership Council. Members of the board are expected to bring a range of outside perspectives and experiences to help inform and enhance the alliance.

The Leadership Council
Leadership Council is the elected body of the alliance and will include 7 organizations including AEPC. The leadership council meets at least three times a year and provides concrete suggestions to the advisory board to achieve the strategic intent of NACC. This includes providing guidance in decisions related to mission, strategic intent, programmatic focus, growth and development of the alliance.

The Secretariat
Based on request of alliance members, AEPC will be the secretariat of the NACC till 2017. After 2017, the secretariat may be housed by interested NACC member organization after approval of the board. The secretariat provides day-to-day management and administrative functions of the alliance, and is headed by the Executive Director of AEPC and supported by one Assistant Director. AEPC has full fiduciary responsibility for all financial and in-kind resources provided directly to the alliance.