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  • Annual Progress Report 2020
  • Annual Progress Report 2019
  • Annual Progress Report 2018
  • Annual Progress Report 2017
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Quarterly Updates

  • Quarterly Progress Report (Jan - March, 2019)
  • Quarterly Updates (July - September, 2018)
  • Quarterly Updates (April - June 2018)
  • Quarterly Updates (Jan - March, 2018)
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Project Document

  • Project Document
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TOR & Proposals

  • Request for Proposal for Repair and Maintenance of Hydromechanical Components of Simrutu Khola Mini Hydro Project, Tribeni Rural Municipality, Rukum (200kW)
  • Technical Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design of Solar Irrigation and Solar Drinking Water Projects
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of RERL Supported Activities at the Community Level through Gender Prospective
  • Prepare Guidelines for Business Plan Preparation for Mini Hydropower Projects and Prepare Business Plan for Jhakre II Mini Hydropower Project
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  • Climate Lunchpad Nepal 2018
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