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1 Completion Report on Gulmi Mini Grid Electricity is widely perceived as catalyser of economic, environmental and social change. However, one-third populations of Nepal do not have access to the electricity supply. In this context, many geographically remote rural areas in Nepal will not have access to electricity from the central grid for several years to come. The difficult mountainous terrain even prolongs the grid expansion time in countries like Nepal.
2 Preparation of Guidelines For Development of Mini Hydro in PPP Model Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) through its Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP), Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP) and National Rural Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) has been supporting community owned and managed Micro hydro plants (MHPs). Micro Hydro Functional Group (MHFG), an informal organization of the beneficiary community is responsible for installation and operation of the MHPs