Intake Process

Project Criteria

All commercial biogas projects are eligible for funding. This also includes Municipal Solid Waste biogas projects. All other projects such as institutional and community biogas plants are excluded from SREP funding.


The objective of the application form is to provide an initial idea of the type of project, location, feedstock available, potential energy production and estimated total project cost. If the project is intending to produce electricity and/or biogas, an estimate shall be provided at this stage. Please refer to “Application Form Large Biogas Plants” link for the format of this application and detailed content required. The following criteria must be met:

The applicant shall be a commercial entity and:

  • Partnerships with international companies or consultancy firms are welcome.
  • Other partnerships can include (but not necessarily limited to) partners such as non-government organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), development agencies, foundations, universities, schools or government bodies.
  • In the case of municipal waste to energy, municipal and local bodies are eligible to apply in partnership with at least one commercial entity.
  • Commercial entities willing to participate in the call for entries must be registered with the government of Nepal.

Who completes it

The application form needs to be completed by the Developer and submitted to AEPC via the online application process (LINK). The Developer could seek help from the pre qualified consultants who may further seek support from external consultants or technology providers to complete the application but the cost shall be borne by the Developer.

Timeline and Review

The application will be reviewed by the Biogas Subcomponent (BSC) at AEPC as per the“Application Form Evaluation Criteria” included in the “AF, FS and DFS Assessment Criteria” document (link). If the project is considered a potential candidate for funding, it will move on to the feasibility stage. The Developer may then choose a consultant from the list of Pre-qualified Consultants to carry out the Feasibility Study. The BSC will review each project and reply within 1 week of the online application form submission date. An online tracking system shall be in place to guarantee that the process is followed.