Name Published On Attachment
National Renewable Energy Framework: Third Trimester Status Review, 2017-18 2018-08-14
Strategic Organizational Development Plan(SOD) : Third Trimester Review Report, 2017-18 2018-08-14
Audit Report 2071-72 2018-07-26
Audit Report 2072-73 2018-07-26
AEPC Audit report 2073-74 2018-07-26
Impact Study Community Electrification 2018-07-09
Impact Study of Karnali Ujjyalo Program 2018-07-09
Report On Techno Socio Economic Study On Baglung Mini Grid 2018-07-09
Socio Economic Impact Study of the User of Solar Home System 2018-07-09
Study on Impact of Credit on Installation of Biogas Plants 2018-07-09
User Satisfaction Study IMW 2018-07-09