Large Biogas

Plants more than 12 cu m in capacity fall under this category.  It is the advancement in Nepal's biogas technology achieved via the long- term practices on modified GGC 2047 model and the learning from the international technological practices. The phrasal term 'large biogas system' is a catch-hold (umbrella term) which includes the varieties of plants under its specific categorization:


To know about the demand lists of Large Biogas System (Community, Commercial, and Institutional) please go through, as suggested below:


1. Demand lists from Governmental Institutions, click here: 

2. Demand lists from Vegetable Markets, click here:

3. Demand lists from Commercial Farms, click here:

4. Demand lists from different Communities, click here:

5. Demand lists from Co-operatives, click here:

6. Demand lists from Hospitals, click here:

7. Demand lists from Police and Army offices, click here:

8. Demand lists from Private Institutions, click here:

9. Demand lists from Religious Institutions, click here:

10. Demand lists Schools and Colleges, click here:

11. Demand lists from Social Organizations, click here:

12. Demand lists from Prison Offices, click here: