Mini Hydro

Mini hydro is the hydro-power system that generates electric power from 100 kW to 1MW capacity and serves nearby households through a mini-grid. AEPC has mandate to support mini hydro projects (100kW to 10MW). Latest Subsidy Policy for Renewable Energy 2069 BS has a provision to provide subsidy to community/ cooperative owned mini hydro off-grid projects from 100kW to 1MW and mini hydro projects connected to grid. 


Mini-hydro is the promising solutions for providing electricity in the rural areas. However, there are only few successful Mini-Hydro schemes running in the country. Therefore, time has come to analyze the issues and challenges in the development of Mini-Hydro schemes in large numbers. Now, AEPC is coordinating with different  stakeholders to allow, facilitate, and create conducive environment for rapid development of mini-hydro.