Monitoring and Quality Assurance

The AEPC/NRREP has set up the Monitoring and Quality Assurance (MQA) Unit within the Technical Support Component. The MQA Unit involves in setting up result-based M & E system which has been viewed as a vital management tool in the AEPC/NRREP. The NRREP program document anticipates that the NRREP’s monitoring and reporting system ought to be aligned with the guidelines of National Planning Commission and Ministry of Finance. One of the major tasks of the unit is to make regular assessments of progress against the set results and annual plans. It will also cover the monitoring of energy-related climate change as well as socio-economic impacts including Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI). 


The MQA unit has been setting up necessary M&E systems and tools such as Baseline, MIS, verification, reporting, review & Feedback, progress tracking etc toward instituting result based M&E system. The results based M&E system will therefore designed for detailing the operation of the feedback mechanism including how it provides management information to the different levels of NRREP management. AEPC/NRREP also envisages developing an integrated web-based MIS as another vital instrument so that everyone interested will have easy access to the required information.

Result area:

The AEPC/NRREP has already framed result area for Monitoring and quality assurance as ‘develop and implement AEPC monitoring system for the result -based management’. The MQA unit is primarily responsible to achieve this result within the program period. 

Key Guiding Principles:

  • Adopt the Result Based Management/ Monitoring system in NRREP
  • Follow government reporting flows and formats
  • Build on existing M&E systems
  • Capacitate program staff on MQA

Operational Strategy:


Monitoring and Quality Assurance unit has taken on following Operational Strategies as the vehicle toward achieving its results:

  • Develop and establish proper information flow mechanism at all level.
  • Develop and establish an integrated M&E system in NRREP such as integrated PMIS, program baseline, verification mechanisms, reporting mechanism towards strengthening Result-based management.
  • Maintain close coordination between MQA unit and all components/sub-components regarding monitoring and evaluation matters.
  • Build the network with other organizations for possible collaboration on Monitoring and Evaluation.