• As per WHO, over 7,500 Nepalese women and children die every year due to smoke induced illness caused by use of traditional cookstoves

  • 1.3+ Million Mud and Metallic Improved Cookstoves
    400,000+ Domestic Biogas
    600+ Solar Cookers have already been disseminated in Nepal

  • Achievements in Nepal till date 11,000+ ICS Stove masters
    37 Competent Companies for Biomass Energy Technologies 120 Competent Companies for Biogas Technology 13 Competent Companies for Solar Thermal Applications

  • 100+ Village Development Committees have declared Indoor Air Pollution Free VDCs while others are in process of such declaration

Strategic intent of Nepal Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (NACC)

The strategic intent of NACC is to coordinate efforts and create synergies for providing Clean Cooking Solutions for All by 2017.

In order to raise public awareness of clean cooking solutions, NACC will adopt major communication tagline of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves: Cooking Shouldn't Kill.

The NACC is an alliance of organizations engaged in all renewable clean cooking technologies including Improved Cookstoves, solar cookers, biogas and electricity based cooking. Fossil fuel based technologies such as LPG, kerosene etc., despite being clean cooking options, have not been included within the scope of NACC as these are outside the purview of AEPC.

Clean Cooking Solutions

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