Nepal Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (NACC; was launched on 10th July 2013, while inaugurating the Clean Cookstoves Market Place 2013. The NACC is an alliance of organizations engaged in all renewable cleaner cooking technologies including ICS, solar cookers, biogas and electricity based cooking. The strategic intent of NACC is to collaborate efforts in Nepal and create synergies for achieving the goal of "Clean Cooking Solutions for All by 2017”.

The main objectives of this annual day celebration are:

• Share the successful achievements made by the alliance partners
• Foster collaboration opportunities for achieving the goal of CCS4ALL
• Encourage stakeholders’ discussion on national benchmark on biomass cookstoves
• Commemorate the launching of NACC

Outcomes of the Event

The event is expected to:
• Serve as a platform for progress sharing and showcasing the successful accomplishments in cookstove business and programme implementation
• Develop collaboration and partnership among relevant partners and campaigners
• Facilitate discussion among and gather inputs from relevant stakeholders on national benchmark on biomass cookstoves
• Attract the attention of policy makers, implementers, investors as well as other relevant stakeholders in promotion of clean cooking solutions

The event of First Annual Day of NACC consists of the paper presentations, theme seminar, and posters and product exhibition/live demonstration.

Please click HERE to download the concept Note