Wind Energy Data

Existing Wind Energy Data

Hourly wind energy data and study reports are available in electronic version. Download (files are in PDF and Text Format).  

Wind Speed Data of 10 different locations.

i. Okhaldhunga (Apr 2001-Aug 2005) 

ii. Nagarkot (Bhaktapur) (Jun 2001-Apr 2006) 

iii. Butwal (Rupandehi) (Mar 2001-Aug 2003) 

iv. Kagbeni (Mustang) (Apr 2001-Feb 2006) 

v. Thini (Mustang) (Apr 2001-Jun 2007) 

vi. Batase Danda (Palpa) (Sep 2003-Dec 2006) 

vii. Ramechhap (Jul 2005-Oct 2007) 

viii. Phakhel (Makwanpur) (Oct 2007-April 2009) 

ix. AEPC building (Feb 2009-end of March 2009)

x. Neta (Pyuthan) (Dec 2007-Feb 2011)