Project Implementation Unit

A two-tier implementation structure is adopted. At AEPC level, a project implementation unit (PIU) including experienced staff headed by a Project Manager has been set up to responsible for overall project implementation, including procurement, accounting, quality assurance, GESI and safeguards. Further, the PIU will get support by project implementation consultants (PICs – 3 long term and 4 short-term) funded by the project.

Project Implementation Unit

1. Executive Director, AEPC, and SASEC Project Director

2. Dr. Narayan Prasad Adhikari, Assistant Director, AEPC, and SASEC Project Manager

3. Mr. Santosh Rai, Engineer, AEPC, and SASEC Designated Officer

4. Mr. Madan Shankar Shrestha, Procurement Expert, ASEC-SASEC

5. Mr. Khem Raj Bhandari, Renewable Energy Expert (Solar/Wind), AEPC-SASEC

6. Mr. British Singh, Mini Hydro Expert, AEPC-SASEC

7. Ms. Sunita Khatiwoda, GESI & Environment Officer, AEPC-SASEC

8. Ms. Sharada Sharma, Office Assistant, AEPC-SASEC

9. Mr. Shiva Hari Budhathoki, Consultant Officer (Social Safeguard), AEPC-SASEC